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About Us

Hot Pot Meal is a non-profit organization, founded by Lara Mhanna in March 2017, aimed at creating social change through acts of compassion- in short, providing freshly cooked nutritious meals to the most vulnerable Lebanese.

The alarming socio-economic situation has put ever more Lebanese under the poverty line with no access to quality food. Hot Pot Meal focuses on providing customized free of charge hot meals, to a network of active social associations in desperate need to feed their beneficiaries. Those in turn distribute them to low-income families, regardless of religion, gender, race or political affiliation.

Why Customized Meals? We love to offer the less fortunate meals that they like. We listen to what they want and try our best to share with them this simple yet meaningful pleasure.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a warm meal to underprivileged Lebanese who are either unable to cook at home or want to be part of a broader community by visiting daily soup kitchens.

We make sure our meals are nutritious, healthy and in adherence to strict health & safety standards.

Hot Pot Meal strives to put a smile on the faces of underprivileged individuals and family members, by innovating in providing them with fresh dishes, made to their choice giving those people a small joy.

Our Meals

Rice and Bazela  |  Rice and Chicken  |  Rice and Beans  |  Rice and Mloukhyieh
Moghrabiyeh  |  Chicken and vegetables  |  Chicken and potatoes  |  Lentils and  Salad

How Many

53,000  total served meals 2017/2020

We are currently serving 2,500 meals per month on a two-weekly basis at our partner’s soup kitchen in different locales across Beirut and its suburbs.

Our Vision

We aim to create a social solidarity movement through personal gestures and initiatives to help alleviate hunger in Lebanon.

Organizations we support

We work with partnering non-profit organizations to identify beneficiaries across different neighborhoods in Beirut and its suburbs: Sinn El Fil, Nabaa, Bourj Hammoud, Karem el Zaytoun and Badaro.

We highly value the regular feedback we receive from our partners and community.

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