Every act can make a difference

About Us

Hot Pot Meal is a non-profit organization, founded by Lara Mhanna in March 2017, aimed at creating social change through acts of compassion – in short, providing freshly cooked, nutritious meals to the most vulnerable Lebanese.

The alarming socio-economic situation has put ever more Lebanese under the poverty line with no access to quality food. Hot Pot Meal focuses on providing free of charge hot meals to low-income families, regardless of religion, gender, race or political affiliation.

Why Customized Meals? We love to offer the less fortunate meals that they like. We listen to what they want and try our best to share with them this simple yet meaningful pleasure.

We make sure our meals are nutritious, healthy and in adherence to strict health & safety standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide healthy warm meals to underprivileged citizens to help alleviate hunger in Lebanon.

Hot Pot Meal prepares customized meals to a network of active social associations who, in their turn, distribute them door-to-door, to poverty-stricken families or by visiting the association’s soup kitchen.

Our Vision

We work with partnering Non-Profit Organizations to identify beneficiaries and create social solidarity movement to relieve hunger. Our collaborations are always built upon principles and values and upon a shared vision and shared goals placing the underprivileged at the center.

We highly value the feedback we receive from our partners and community, which keeps us going through all kinds of circumstances and constantly empowers us to serve the community.

How Many

Hot Pot Meal has offered over 53,700 meals to 2,200 beneficiaries between 2017 and 2020. Our next target is to provide 30,000 hot meals per year. By the end of 2021, we aim to serve 83,700 meals.

Covered Areas

Hot Pot Meal supports the right to food by tackling hunger through the distribution of free meals to economically challenged segments of the population in Beirut and its suburbs, Metn and its suburbs and the rural areas of Baalbek-Hermel.

We have established a fully-equipped central kitchen in Baalbek city, from September till December 2020, dedicated to the preparation of hot meals that get distributed door-to-door to people living in extreme poverty with the help of committed and devoted team.

Our Latest Impact-tracking

Hot Pot Meal ensures food relief in the most challenging crises and every possible occasion.

  • Lockdown due to COVID-19 crisis (March-July 2020): Our kitchen was ongoing with the cooking and delivered 6,585 hot meals in Greater Beirut and its suburbs to 560 beneficiaries.
  • Post-Blast Beirut crisis (August 2020): We were on the ground to respond to an emergency by ensuring food relief to the people who suffer from the damages. We were working in partnership with strong national and local NGOs in order to reach the right need.
  • Christmas Reborn Project (December 2020): We were committed to give low income families some joy, by providing door-to-door a full festive package. We ensured that these families can enjoy the spirit of Christmas with all the trimmings in their own homes in Beirut and also in Baalbek.