About the Team

Hot Pot Meal is advised by a number of highly competent and dedicated individuals who are constantly available to make sure the mission is on track with the cause, meeting its objectives and growing harmoniously

Lara Mhanna

Founder and President

‘Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference.’

Hot Pot Meal founder Lara Mhanna, a lecturer in Art and Advertising and Presentation Skills at Saint-Joseph University, is committed to charity work and a firm believer in the power of positive change.  She believes that change can start with a personal initiative which then has a wider impact – from a one woman operation in a small kitchen Hot Pot Meal now has numerous associations and feeds hundreds of people daily.

Since 2008 Lara has been actively involved in supporting and fundraising for various philanthropic organizations, across a wide spectrum of causes.

Hot Pot Meal - Lara Mhanna - Founder and President

Raja Abdallah

Co-founder and Treasury

Raja Abdallah is an active co-founder and member of Hot Pot Meal and fundraiser for many humanitarian, environmental and philanthropic causes in Lebanon and abroad.

He is an engineer by training turned into banker and then financial advisor to many companies and organisations. Raja has a deep affection for causes that contribute to alleviate poverty, improve people’s lives and develop rural regions and their populations. In the course of his actions, he comes across many NGOs and associations who can either help Hot Pot Meal or benefit from its service.

Hot Pot Meal - Raja Abdallah - Co-founder and Treasury

Louis Ragy

Member. Lobbying – Business man

Louis Ragy is a Lebanese-American entrepreneur and business development consultant, focusing on improving revenues, profitability, and export of businesses to other markets, and designing effective programs to further economies.

Mr. Ragy is a philanthropist in every way. He works as an advocator, tackling issues such as food and medication distribution, child development, education, conflict resolution, crisis aversion, and more. Mr. Ragy is on the Board of Directors of multiple NGOs, always looking for opportunities to fundraise, build relations, and better his society.

In the words of Mr. Ragy, “it is a constant battle, but we will not stop until it’s over and won”.

Hot Pot Meal - Louis Ragy - Member. Lobbying – Business man


A number of 20 volunteers are available all year round to assist Hot Pot Meal in its activities and events, adding to the human and personal touch provided to each and every serving of hot food.